Cre8hive was born from a desire to seek shared experience within a
supportive environment while encompassing your own individuality

CRE8HIVE (2).png

Our "hive" is located on the Gold Coast, in sunny Queensland, Australia. We have one multifaceted roof and a variety of clever people and amazing services under it. ​

We have over 15 small businesses showcasing their products within the Cre8hive retail showroom. If you love #supportingsmallbusiness then fell free to pay us a visit on your next shopping trip.  We're conveniently located right beside Aardvark & Arrow micro brewery, truly adding to the "shop and sip" experience!

Within our learning space you'll find our sister company, the Australian Creative Academy.  Here you'll have access to specialised courses in fashion, event planning and business. 

Our studio is set up and ready to capture all your photography needs.  Whether you work with us or bring your own team, our studio is for you to use as your creative heart desires. 

At Cre8hive, we do all this creative. 

Meet Some of Our Clients